High Stakes

by Rod On Jr.

Genre: Action/Drama/Thriller

Status: Currently being developed into a videogame by Reck & Tashikima Co. Ltd.

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Paris enjoyed relative tranquility until the ZUCKERMAN family, whose fortunes are built on illicit weapons trafficking and procurement of blueprints for a nuclear bomb, moved in.  The alliance among the patriarch of the Zuckerman family, RUDOLPH Zuckerman his two children, VARICK and DIANE, and a longtime family friend and business partner, General SERGEI KRAVISKOV, now poses a more dangerous nuclear threat to the United Kingdom  Germany and the United States.  In cooperation with the French and the United Kingdom Secret services, the CIA sends a team of agents led by special agent MAGUY DEX to diffuse the threat.  However, as the investigation moves on, it becomes apparent that their success will depend on the efforts of a dynamic and aggressive sport-car salesman, HARVEY RAINER.


Alfred Hitchcock said that a good film depends on three principle elements:  the script, the script, the script.  Certainly, the script is a crucial component for all major cinematic successes.  With regard to the script, “The Stake,” the screenwriter, Rod On, Jr., knew to construct the work based on intrigue, emotion, flow, captivating plot and thought provoking resolution.  The characters are rich and diverse.  The lead character, Harvey Rainer, is a man who one could find in London, Paris, Berlin, or New York.  Unlike the larger-than-life heroes of many action films, Mr. On has created a hero to whom an audience member can relate.  The other characters, despite their differences in culture, race and national origin, ultimately display a unique commonality and create a provocative meld of emotions.  The dialogue is simple and realistic.  Rod On, Jr. imbues the script with immense potential visual style which seduces the reader.  It is these qualities that make “The Stake” by Rod On, Jr. original and a literary masterpiece.

Jennifer Corard
Script Analyst
Former Head of Development Atlantis Film
Professor of Language in Toronto University